Common question why do dogs have dry noses ?

Reasons for dry nose in dogs . 

Dogs may be our best friend ,even so there can be times we dont understand each other .There are so many times in our life when we try to communicate with our dogs to try and understand what they want from us . Here we will try to awnser some common questions about the reasons why dogs have dry noses and the effects on the dogs health.

why has my puppy a dry nose ? 

At most times in our dogs life a dry nose is something we need not worry too much about ,different breeds are more affected by dry nose than others .At most times it is nothing to worry about .It can also be a sign of dehydration in our pet. Dry nose may be caused if the dog is kept indoors ie in the home where the heating is set too high most dogs are by nature not designed for indoor life .The heating in the home can have a major effect on the dogs health a lower temperature will have the most positive effects on the dog helping to keep there nose moist and there hair in optimal condition .A dry nose is also caused by too much exercise which leaves the dog or puppy dehydrated taking moisture from the dogs nose .Maybe the dog was sleeping ,when dogs are sleeping they are not licking there noses so when they awake they appear to have a dry nose .It is important to always have a fresh supply of water that the dog can access anytime he needs it ,this is especially important in the mornings as a healthy dog needs water before each meal to maintain a moist nose and help with hair shedding which may be caused by the dog overheating due to the indoor temperature in the home. It is important to protect our pets from the elements as exposure to the sun wind and cold temperatures can dry out our pets nose leading to future medical problems and visits to the vet . A dry nose can be a sign of fever ,dehydration and other underlying medical problems if your pets dry nose is accompanied by any other symptoms such as loss off appetite it is vital to take your  pet to a vet for a check up. Generally it is recommended to bring your dog for a full physical check up one time each year .Just a we need health check ups ourselves our pet need the same ,the check up gives u a chance to keep a eye on the dogs growth and development and avoid future problems with the dogs health .Just like us our pets can suffer from allergies with one off the main symptoms being a dry nose. Common allergies that can cause dry nose may come from pollen food mold etc. There are prescription medications available from your vet that can be used to control dry nose in your pet. Some vets recommend a small amount of shea butter or coconut oil applied to the dogs nose to help reduce cracked skin and it also helps the nose to retain moisture. Many people do not realise our pets can also get sunburn just as humans do .There are many sunscreens available on the market today designed for dogs. There is many nose balms also available which are highly recommended by vets. A dogs nose is highly developed for a sense of smell so they can understand the world around them , our dogs noses should be moist to work most efficiently this is because the particles a dog smells attach better to a moist surface this is the reasons dogs lick there noses it is to help improve there smell . When our dogs nose is moist it is a natural sign off good health